Lola Giardino

It’s been a few years since Lola Giardino left the Atlantic Ocean of Necochea, Argentina for the Mediterranean Sea of Barcelona.


Etienne Bellanger always wanted to be a luthier. At a young age he spent time in a luthier workshop, where he became instantly fascinated and hooked, and ended up submerging deeper into this world.

The Horsemen

The Horsemen captures the traditions and values of the noble Almonte Horsemen. For over 500 years these men have annually driven over 1000 horses across the Spanish plains and to pastures new.

Rudo y Noble – The Axes

RUDO Y NOBLE is a trip along Spain in search of knowledgeable artisans of their trade and capable of enriching the product at every stage.

Will I Be Events : Ribeira Sacra

One of selected hotels for our events in Riberia Sacra, an eco-luxury five stars GL in the middle of an ancient forest.