Yuna’s Ballad

by Hiroko Kokubu
on Final Fantasy X-2 – Piano Collections

Lightning’s Theme – A Distant Glimmer –

by Masashi Hamauzu
on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII OST

Distant Lands by Capricorn Productions

Sit back, relax and enjoy this rich and evocative experience.

Showreel by Isobel Waller-Bridge

Isobel Waller-Bridge is a British composer for Film, Television and Theatre.

Music for Strings

Music for Strings is a symphonic album of works for large string orchestra. Isobel Waller-Bridge takes us on a dramatic musical journey whereby melodies grow loud and busy before quieting down again and again.

On The Beach

by Nigel Hess – Joshua Bell on Ladies in Lavender

Ladies in Lavender

by Nigel Hess – Joshua Bell on Ladies in Lavender

Kawara nai Mono

Dedicated to you, Javier, my oldest son, and to all those moments when I will not be. Since I can not show you why birds fly and come and go when the winter is coming, someone else will admire your precious look of amazement and curiosity. I can only dream your dreams, and take courage to leave.