Three brothers on a summer adventure in Neil Bedford’s new series for Kinfolk

Photographer Neil Bedford’s latest series Are We There Yet? for the new issue of Kinfolk is an absolute summer dream. Capturing three boys as they go on a road trip, we see them skimming stones, napping in the back seat and constantly play-fighting.

Honey Harvest

Honey Harvest is a film from tiger in a jar for Kinfolk. Tiger in a Jar is a film production company run by husband and wife team Matt and Julie Walker, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their work is inspired by everyday life and the joy found in simple but meaningful activities.

The idler: How to do nothing

Some of the most important scientific innovations and inventions were ‘happened upon,’ unplanned, after years of unproductive, leisurely puzzling

Dinner Discussion 33

Some people collect material possessions. Chef Leif Hedendal collects dinner companions.