Portfolio / CV—2015

Personal portfolio by Kristina Nikaj

Paju Book Award 2014

Wang Zhihong’s designs are simple, and yet have a strong power. His designs do not overlook even the slightest details like the texture of paper, and they are simple, elegant and rich in artistic sensitivity.

Ko Ji Ki by Wang Zhi-Hong

Wang Zhi-Hong, Graphic Designer. born in 1975 in Taipei. In 1995 he graduated from Department of Advertisement Design at Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School.

Ler Melhor Book Cover Series

Ler Melhor is a book cover series project designed for college and high school students studying literature.

Adam & Eve Law Firm

Vintage/modern branding for an intellectual property law firm

Terroir Magazine

Terroir is a biannual travel journal out of Singapore. An incredible labour of love, publisher Benjamin Koh prints each page on his home printer, binding and glueing every issue in a process which magculture estimate at about 10 hours per magazine.

Acne Paper

When first launched in August 2005, Acne Paper promptly gained a reputation as the most exciting new magazine on the market.


Our vision in print, our passion and interests in all subjects from all over the world. The collective result of our study in ink and paper, for us to share with you in this medium that can be a part of your collection.