Dan Les

Figurative ceramist

The Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling

A comprehensive guide to choosing the right materials and systems for every part of your home

Aquaponic Gardening

Aquaponics is a revolutionary system for growing plants by fertilizing them with the waste water from fish in a sustainable closed system.

The Handplane Book

The Handplane Book evokes the romance of an earlier era when planes performed countless woodworking tasks, from preparing stock to shaping moldings. This is a complete guide to one of the best-known and most collectible hand tools.

Absolut Originality

In 2013 Absolut presented a very appealing limited collection of bottles called Absolut Originality.

Round Square Teaware by Koan Design

The ‘Round Square Teaware’ is the latest creation by the talented Taiwan-based designer Chuntso Liu. The designer, who was also responsible for the fascinating ‘Ripple Tray’ in 2009, presents a new range of tableware, which he created for Taiwanese design company Koan Design.

Lacquer Cocktail Stirrer

A wooden lacquer coated utensil made by Japanese craftsman Yusuke Tazawa.

Milk + Honey Soap | Santa Fe, New Mexico

In 2005, Milk+Honey debuted at the renowned Santa Fe Farmers Market, selling handmade goat milk soaps and beeswax lotion bars.


Etienne Bellanger always wanted to be a luthier. At a young age he spent time in a luthier workshop, where he became instantly fascinated and hooked, and ended up submerging deeper into this world.

Baskets & Burners

by Kauri Multimedia. To do a job you truly love. Alongside your best friend of 25 years. Leads to simple happiness.


St. Louis furniture builder Jermain Todd crafts beautiful industrial pieces in his studio at a converted brewery space.

Jeans In Progress: Paul Kruize – Maker of bespoke jeans

“Just one man, one machine, making one jeans at a time”. A mini documentary on Paul Kruize, maker of bespoke jeans, made by Richard Bussink