The collective result of our study in ink and paper, our vision, our passion and interests in all subjects from all over the world.

By buying or subscribing to WIB Magazine, you’re not only supporting an independent magazine, you’re confirming what we’ve believed all along: print is not dead.

At a time when everything seems like it’s speeding up, Bohemian Life is a call to slow down. It’s about remembering, reviving and revamping forgotten traditions, skills and technologies. And backpedalling just enough to appreciate the good stuff in life.

Like our readers, we’re not particularly obsessed with being the coolest, the biggest or the first in line. But we are interested in making things that last. Each issue combines lyrical essays, recipes, interviews, personal stories and practical tips with a keen attention to design and details.

Each issue is conceived as a collection of stories, all centered around a theme. The first focuses on “The Origins of the Beginning” and include articles and photographs of authors who, in one way or another, joined us in the gestation of the idea of creating WIB Magazine, even before I knew that was what we were doing: the works of Elena Espelosín, an artist and friend of the Sierra de Madrid, introduces a universe of tiny elements within molten glass; the discovery of simplicity and beauty in everyday life in a text of Adam Lee; photographs of the reencounter with my children on a wonderful beach, moment that marked the birth of Will I Be; simple and tasty recipes for a fun and unfussy party, etc. The second issue will explore “Where the past meets the present”, while the third is still to be decided.

Will-I-Be is packed with thoughtful columns and features, evocative photography and beautiful illustractions—totaling more than 120 pages. Since we are a reader-supported publication, no ads, there’s plenty of content to enjoy. The magazine is printed on matte finish stock that is eco-friendly (FSC-certified). Measuring 7.5-by-10 inches, it’s the perfect size for tucking into a bag and taking to the coffee shop, or on the bus or plane. Of course, we also encourage you to curl up with Will-I-Be in the comfort of your own home, in your favorite reading chair.

Special editions are bound by hand with a custom texture, numbered and dedicated, as the value of craftsmanship is present throughout our collection of works.

The magazine relies on the talents and hard work of dozens of freelancers and the reality is, we wear many different hats. (Don’t be surprised if one of us responds to your customer service inquiry.)


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