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by Yoshiyuki Katayama

Mediterranean Inspired Avocado Toast with Pistachio Dukkah

All you need for really good avocado toast is some delicious bread, a perfectly ripe avocado, flaky sea salt and lemon juice. So simple, so good.

Immortal Venice: Harry’s Bar

A week-long celebration of modern food culture. The Cipriani Legacy Thrives in the Floating City with Cocktails Fit for Hemingway and Capote

Always on the road: Surf’s up at the Algarve, Portugal

When you think about surfing destinations what location comes to your mind first? Most likely it’s Australia; perhaps it’s Hawaii or California. For Europeans those are a bit far – but in Europe, the good waves are actually only a short plane ride away. In the south of Portugal there is – what many believe – a surfer’s paradise: the

New York City: Wait or Run

Oliver Schrott Kommunikation


For twenty years, the meticulous techniques that surround the modern taxidermy have consistently evolved. With them, it is the entire image of an ancestral discipline, often perceived as macabre, that is made dust-free.

Old Fashioned

One of the most venerable cocktails


I had to take in the Maldives in stages. As a first time visitor here, I was almost suspicious of the natural landscape.

Moving On

from Ainslie Henderson

Work. Sail. Explore.

Imagine working in an office out on the open sea—gazing out at blue waves and azure skies, feeling the warmth of sunshine, and smelling the ocean breeze while pushing your creativity and innovation further than ever before.

Watchtower of Turkey

Incorporating tons of in-camera motion, rhythmic swoops, and artful wipes alongside a mélange of techniques from hyper lapse to slow motion, Dalessandri’s formal innovation achieved perfection in this video, “Watchtower of Turkey.”

Teahupo’o, Du Ciel

by Eric Sterman & Brent Bielmann