En tu cabeza

Amigo de los sueños imposibles, me gustaría decirte que hay una forma de hacerlos realidad.

por Mar DelaRisa.

Being Sensitive by Ana María Petryla

Being sensitive is feeling me, feeling you and feeling us and feeling everything around me, around you and around us, all day and every moment.

First Sun by Javier Carrete

This afternoon, about 19:30, 2km from home, I’ve seen the first sun in a lot of days.

Kawara nai Mono

Dedicated to you, Javier, my oldest son, and to all those moments when I will not be. Since I can not show you why birds fly and come and go when the winter is coming, someone else will admire your precious look of amazement and curiosity. I can only dream your dreams, and take courage to leave.