Submission guidelines

The following information is intended as a guide for the submission of materials to be considered for publication in Will-I-Be.


Will-I-Be is published bi-annually and in various forms. The editorial board develops the contents for all print products, volumes, monographs, posters, for the portal and for the WIB Work Shop.


There are main themes to follow. The main theme for the upcoming issue will be announced on our portal. Contact us, if you think you would like to work on a sub theme; an exhibition or sell unique products in our WIB Work Shop.

You have your own idea on a theme, feel free to send us your portfolio per mail accompanied by your concept in written words. Try to send us as many sketches as possible to make your idea clear. For an optimum result of a collaboration please contact us *before* starting with your work.

If you do not have a concept but are open to our impulses, please contact us.


Once the contributor and the publication have decided to work on a certain theme, please keep us on track on your progress. If you by chance change the creative direction please contact us to see if it is appropriate or is not been already covered by another contributor.

If we are not informed about the changes there will be no guarantee for your work being published. Please understand that we must work hand in hand for an output of superior quality respectively the content and concept of the publication.


Will-I-Be is a synergy project which functions as a platform by giving the participant the possibility to multiply its input. We do not carry any costs of production and have no budgets for expenses, e.g. travelling, models, material, post office costs, scans, retouches, etc. The photographer/artist is responsible for his shooting and all the necessities for the shooting/artwork, i.e. the photographer/artist is in charge of the models, the artists, the catering, etc. and the costs related to this.

Will-I-Be is neither responsible for the fashion, clothing, styling, technical devices and styling props borrowed for the shooting nor for any damages or costs concerning the above mentioned objects, etc.


We accept CDs / DVDs. Contact us for specifications on that. We always feature our contributors in the upcoming publication the contributors have participated for and on the website. Send us a Polaroid, 300 dpi, 9cm x 13cm, per email. Send us a curriculum vita of 5 milestones in your career as a “MS Word”-document.


The publication is interested in the development of the artists contributing. For an uncomplicated collaboration it is therefore a mandatory to sign the “Declaration of Participation” and to return it to us along with your artwork on CD / DVD.


We strongly urge unsolicited contributions and are always in search of creative soul mates worldwide who are interested in a challenge and want to go beyond boundaries.

If your contribution is appropriate to our themes, we will contact you. Send us your original artwork to the mailing address below. Please read the section “Returning Policy”.


We do not return portfolios, artworks, prints, CDs, samples, etc. unless there is a stamped envelope for the post. Further, the publication will not be held responsible for loss or damage in the post.


Will-I-Be Headquarters

Españoleto 7, enresuelo izqda.
28010 Madrid