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    If you have a product idea to develop you can be an art director.


    You don’t need anyone’s permission to start a project, if you bring a project you manage it and will have the community members, artisans and designers, to realize it.


    Send an email to mail@will-i-be.com or go to network.will-i-be.com to introduce you and your idea.

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    If you are an artist, writer, craftsman or designer, Will-I-Be is a good platform for your work.


    You can provide products for marketing in WIB or accept orders from other members of the community to create something together.


    Send an email to mail@will-i-be.com telling us what you know to do with information about your job or click here to enter into network.will-i-be.com and introduce yourself.


Our vision in print, our passion and interests in all subjects from all over the world. The collective result of our study in ink and paper, for us to share with you in this medium that can be a part of your collection.



We travel the globe to uncover extraordinary stories and scenes, to try and inspire others as they have inspired us. Our role is to gather these moments and show them to the world, and to listen to inspirational figureheads and how they interpret different aspects of life.

Hydrangea arborescens Incrediball

Hydrangea arborescens IncrediballRead more

Sacred Giving, Sacred Receiving by Joseph Bruchac

For most Native American cultures, to be wealthy meant that one had lived well—carefully, with knowledge which had enabled the individual to hunt well, sew well, bring up children well, and if necessary, to fight well, depending on one’s responsibilities. To be wealthy meant that one had much good, enough to give away, to gain respect as a generous person in the eyes of one’s family, kin, and tribe…Read more

Ohhio by Anna Marinenko

The most extraordinary hand-knitted scarves, made from super thick Australian Merino wool.Read more

Fragments of a Journey

Photo book created from photographs taken during a trip to Berlin in February 2015. This book showcases, through various booklets, four fragments or impressions of the city.Read more


An eclectic assortment of inspiring products in collaboration with the WiB community